Client: Commonwealth of MA
Division of Asset Management

Power Plant Soil Remediation Project

For the Power Plant of a former State Hospital, Dowling Corporation perform soil remediation. This project required the removal and disposal of site structures and the management and on-site treatment of groundwater generated by excavation activities. In addition, we replaced underground utilities, backfilled and restored the site.

This project involved:

  • Demolition, removal and recycling of the railroad trestle and concrete retaining wall
  • Excavate, load, transport and recycle over 10,000 tons of soil
  • Pumping, storage and on-site treatment of over 1.2 million gallons of groundwater. Due to the aggressive schedule, we were required to pump and store over 400,000-gallons of water in a day during adverse winter weather conditions in order to complete the excavation work
  • Remove an estimated 30 cubic yards of asbestos-containing materials from a utility tunnel within the work limits.
  • Demolish, remove, and dispose of the tunnel
  • Design, construct and install watertight caps to the two remaining ends of the tunnel
  • Repair or replace all site drainage, sewer and water mains removed during site activities
  • Backfill and compact the site to grade, restore all lawn areas
  • Construct two new access roads within the site for emergency use